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Electric Vehicle Technologies

Our Mission

We develop innovative, reliable and high performance electric propulsion systems. Our in-house developed products achieve a greater power and energy density than anything currently available on the market.


We specialize in the development of electric vehicle technologies. The transition to electric propulsion is unavoidable and essential. Electric vehicles offer an opportunity for a high performance driving experience while also reducing our environmental footprint.


We aim to improve the efficiency and performance of electric vehicles using our patented battery & powertrain solutions. EVT offers a proprietary cooling system that can be used with existing battery pack architectures.


Our in-house developed products improve upon the overall efficiency, safety, and reliability of traditional battery & powertrain solutions.



Energy Density



Years Experience



Increased Safety


We are currently constructing a state of the art manufacturing facility for our battery production line. Our in-house manufacturing gives us full control of battery pack production from the cell to finished product.


The planned facility automates the production process and is adaptable to assemble different cell types and pack designs. We utilize the latest in AI vision and robotic cell assembly to achieve a high degree of automation and quality on the assembly line.


Our planned facility includes testing & validation equipment to ensure each pack produced meets the high quality standards offered by EV Technologies. Contact us for specific pack pricing and volume information.


Our patented battery modules are a leader in innovative design and safety standards. The EV technologies pack offers:

  • Increased Energy Density
  • Patented Cooling System
  • State of the Art Manufacturing Process
  • Cell Agnostic Design
  • Modular Vehicle Integration


EVT aims to become a leading supplier of EV technology solutions by developing:

+ Patented Technologies
+ Innovative products, systems, and features
+ Scalable and modular manufacturing processes