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Electric Vehicle Technologies

Our Mission

+ Increase driving range
+ Reduce charging time
+ Improve drivers safety
+ Lower carbon footprint

EVT designs and develops innovative, performant and robust battery & electric propulsion systems technologies, including the associated controls, that enable a greater power and energy density compared to existing products.


Transition to electric propulsion is unavoidable and essential, from the performance point of view, the quality of the driving experience, as well as reducing our transport environmental footprint.

We specialize in the development of electric vehicle technologies.


EVT aims to improve the efficiency and performance of electric vehicles using innovative battery & powertrain solutions.


The problem we are helping to solve is how to move people and transport goods with the least possible impact on our external environment (fauna, flora, people, infrastructures etc.) while respecting your travel requirements (speed, distance, weight, volume of storage etc.).


How can you limit the total energy consumed to move people and transport goods?

Smaller vehicles & Micromobility, Shared vehicle

Bicycles, scooters, ebikes, motorcycles, three-wheelers, ride sharing services

More people and goods in vehicles

Buses, trucks, trains, boats

More efficient vehicles

Electric motorization, improved architecture, more efficient components

More efficient batteries

Denser in volume & weight for energy and power, better energy conversion


We help you achieve this by developing technologies for electric & hybrid vehicles:

Energy & Power dense modular Battery systems

Complete traction Battery

Highly efficient Propulsion systems

Complete Powertrain

Innovative EE & HV Architecture


EVT aims to become a supplier of EV technology solutions recognized to bring strategic differentiation:

+ New product, system, function or improvements
+ Innovative concepts
+ Accelerate R&D efforts and unfair advantages inclusion
+ Development cost minimization

Innovation: Control, battery and EV systems

Patents: Integrated Precharge Contactor, Battery Module & TMS

Battery, propulsion and control system design

Validation and test experience on all sort of EVs