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Volvo Group

Battery Expert, consultant. Engineer, complete High Voltage traction Battery system responsible. Engineer, complete EV Powertrain controls responsible, including HV batteries, Motors, inverters, converters, charging, etc. Electric Powertrain development (Propulsion Control) R&D center Göteborg. Electric Bus Diagnostic software development, project management.

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Lion Electric

Controls and Systems Engineer, HV systems responsible, including complete EV powertrain, ESS and HV auxiliaries. Complete vehicle and systems controls responsible.

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Electric Motobikes

Complete design, specifications, sourcing, supplier management, fabrication and assembly Electric Moto & eBike hybrid, pushing 12KW, 55 Kg and going to 105km/h First one started in 2015, finished in 2016. 2nd in 2017 and 3rd in 2018 KX250f 2012Kawazaki motocross…

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Multifunctional EV

Multifunctional EV for a clean mobility startup – E/E, HV Architect & Lead powertrain and ESS systems

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Empact Racing

Empact racing (eMoto) – Executive team, Mechanical director

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EMUS eMoto

EMUS (eMoto) – Battery monitoring software development for charging

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EV Diagnostic software

Heavy duty EVs (J1939) Diagnostic software development

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Current Patents

Battery module including innovative and powerful thermal management – Patent pending Energy & Power density increase Contactor with integrated precharge function – Patent pending Volume, weight and cost reduction compared to the standard system in use

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